Producer | Director | Interviewer | WriteR | STRATEGYCONSULTANT
​​​​​​​WHO: Ashlee is an award-winning creative, adept in long and short-form storytelling with a strong emphasis in documentary filmmaking, food content, and lifestyle programming . 
WHAT: Think: linear TV, digital video, streaming, direct-to-consumer, social, studio, travelogue, field and more. 
WHERE: Offering NY-based and remote work, with the ability to travel for shoots.
WHY: Ashlee is confident in decision making; leading productions from development to air, and takes joy in crafting imaginative yet realistic ideas that 'butterfly' into smart and entertaining content.
Ashlee has over 15 years of experience in development, pre-production, casting/booking, field, interviewing, directing camera, and writing story in post in both a network capacity and production company environment.
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